7 Ways Metallic Elements Can Be Used in Metallic Fashion 2017

Bring back the 80’s metallic era in style by the use of metallic elements in fabrics and silhouettes,that is not for the faint-hearted. If you are a demure, damsel-in-distress, then metallic chic that is not for you. Metallic fashion styling is for the audacious women, who have no qualms about flaunting their fiery side. Use these elements in shoes,  accessories, or on parts of your garment. Metallic elements, like metallic rock bands, add a zing to the silhouettes and the entire look.

Rivets, grommets, pyramids, and spikes


These are the metallic elements that are not synonymous to Punk clothing alone. You can add these elements to ethnic clothes and tone done the bling element. If metallic sheen is the look you want to emulate, then these are the elements that can be added to clothes, footwear, and accessories. You can use them as embellishments on clothes of any fabric.

Metallic colors and fabrics


These are not your everyday colors and fabrics. With the right kind of patterns and cuts,  you can make a metallic dress look chic regardless of your body type. Avoid bright gold and copper colors. They look scream tinsel town!! Even if you have the hour glass figure, bright colored metallic are a strict no-no!! for fabrics as well as jewelry. When it comes to jewelry, choose patterns that do not have traditional elements. Avoid chokers, even the laced ones when you choose a metallic colored fabric. Choose any color that is dowsed in the metallic. You can choose from the metallic blue, green,

That golden and silver metallic fashion shoes can look so chic!!


Metallic loafers are just the swishest thing you can look out for on a party night. Loafers, sneakers, or oxfords in metallic hues and tones look great on people of all age groups. If you want to hone a younger look,  the safest option is to go metallic in footwear.

Embellish clothes in metallic sequins, beads, threads, buttons, and more


Metallic sequins on clothes when used with higher aesthetics and design philosophy can make any garment standout. One golden rule to follow here is to not use a lot of gold!! You bet!! This will work in most of the situations, unless you are creating a silhouette to perform on stage. There are umpteen shades of metallic colors that can be used in embellishments. Metallic buttons look snappy and  can be used on fabrics that have subtle sheen. Do not use metallic buttons on metallic fabrics.

Make-up for that bold metallic fashion photography!!


Metallic make-up is not your everyday go-to rescue to look good even on the gloomiest day! If you want to add a hint of color, add bright matte colors. Metallic stains, and other stains NOT for your daily office wear even if you work for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar. These are hues and tones in cosmetics that are suitable to be used creatively in photo shoots! They are meant for magazine covers, and not your daily beautifying cosmetics even if are feeling funky on any given day!!! Metallic lips sprinkled in silver sparkles with copperish eye-shadow!!Think metallic, punk revolution, and without the badges and safety pins!!

Tattoos and nail art in metallic fashion trends


Body art in sheeny metallic colors can add elegance to your entire appearance. Though this trend is so 2015, it still prevails as a metallic fashion tattoo 2017 trend. The advantage is these are temporary tattoos and you can experiment with designs and shades. Elegant and motifs synonymous to various cultures are available. Nail art is a trend that will always stay in vogue. Add some metallic elements to the nail art motifs and you are all set to create a look that makes you stand out in the crowd!!

Metallic fashion jewelry and accessories


Ditch traditional motifs at all costs. Choose geometrical designs as much as you can and keep the use of metallic jewelry subtle. For any silhouette, metallic jewelry seems suitable as long as you do not overdo it and leave the bright colored metals on the shelves.



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