Colors and Fabrics for Monsoon

monsoon trends.jpg


Beat the gloom, blues, and dreary nights of monsoon with splash of colors. Go easy on bling!! Avoid it if you can this monsoon, or use it with subtly. Choose hues, tones, and shades of blue, purple, pink, green, orange, and yellow. Avoid  the dread red, black, and its contemporaries, unless goth is on your mind, and you are planning an advanced Halloween party. Choose light weighted fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, organza, crepe, and fleece. Avoid knits,silk-yes, I suggest avoid silk unless for a special occasion. They are easy on your skin this season, and look fab if you choose the right colors, cuts, and patterns. Let the downpour not dampen your spirit as you choose from this palette of colors and patterns.

Accessorize less in monsoon

Lace accessories  are passe. You can use them lace accessories, if you really have to accessorize. A trendy sash belt on the empire line of your Georgette or chiffon one piece is just enough for you to look the part. Choose a bright colored or even better, printed stilettos to charm your feet. Give those danglers and metallic accessories some respite. Choose fabric accessories instead.

Your dress code for monsoon

Avoid wearing long pants, denims, and anything made from thick fabrics altogether. Keep the length medium and avoid maxi dresses and palazzo altogether. Leave knits and linen into the oblivion for a while, till the end of monsoon. Though cottons are not bad,  but you can avoid wearing cotton clothes altogether this monsoon. Cottons are for summer and spring.






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