Fabulous Life of Every Artist and Designer

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Yes, we artists and designers are born with a mind of our own. Our emotions run deeper than the depth of Earth’s core and that reflects in the art we create. It is our solace. A place, so virgin, and untouched. No matter for how many ages, we explore the nous of creativity and art, it still remains like a new wave, a tabular rasa, that can be painted on like pouring hues on a blank canvas. We, artists, have no gumption of limitations!! We live unrestricted lives with emotional freedom that depicts in the cuts, patterns, artworks, and our free-spirited notions about everything. Because when your soul understands its true essence of being free-spirited to create beauty through chaos and keep exploring thoughts, ideas, and ideation only  to create something of value that brings more meaning to life of all those who read and re-read into those beautiful thoughts and notions.

Artists are sensitive, but not touchy. There is a difference. They are sensitive because they surrender to the beauty of thoughts and ideas begotten from depth and deep thinking. To know art and the mind of an artist is to know beauty of life that has untouched dimensions, archetype in nature. We are crazy but only to the extent of exploring ideas and giving them a new form that creates a notion of betterment turfing out bitter-ment. Art is purity!!Untouched with the rules and standards, because art per se creates new standards and ideologies.

Life of artists is mesmerizing. A mystique, if explore, there is loads to learn  and unlearn. We are the way we are, and in a good way, because, prolly our souls have reincarnated to only experience the essence of beauty and refine the mundane into extraordinaire. 



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