Boho Chic and Retro Return to the Runway Stands



Bohemian accessories depict the hippie instinct even in the haven of minimalism. Psychedelic prints, headgear, or motifs on shoes- prints and motifs typical to bohemian welcome you to the world where music of Beatles meets Bob Marley.  One way to add boho-chic to your daily wear is to go easy on the body fit. Choose a regular fitted maxi or a-line one-piece, and team it up with a printed shawl collar shrug. Forget the lacy doilies, and the feminine ruffles if  you want to go boho-chic. Choose metallic colors and keep the hue and palette of the colors of your silhouettes to a matte.

Retro is your trusty-side kick that can save you a good deal from a fashion faux-pas. Polka dots can never got out of fashion, nor does the vintage clothing. For those long hours at work during summers, boho-chic is your respite where you can blend comfort with style.



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