7 Shoes Must For Every Women

7 Style of shoes that are a must for every women!!

Working or not, women have a deep relation with their shoes as much as they have with the rest of their  wardrobe and cosmetics. Forget developing foot fetish! Right shoes that click with the rest of your style will chaperon you from a major fashion faux-pas. Imagine wearing wedges on a typical, classic, classified little black dress!! Don’t you think for a second, you won’t be answerable to Coco Chanel?!!When choosing a style of dress, choose the right species of shoes!!Yes, shoes are a species, one of a kind, that no women must folly to choose what does not suit. It is like carrying a big tote to a soiree. Excuse moi? Have you forgotten your p’s and q’s of shoe styling etiquette? Don’t burn your pockets looking for a Ferragamo, my dear…just add some gumption and happiness to what you choose to wear!!and viola!! nobody that take away that killer well-thought shoe style from ya!!If you don’t owe these style of shoes yet!!listen up ladies, you need to really buckle up…oopsie…’pump-up’ your shoe style quotient!!

Classic Pumps and Peep-toes


Black is still the new and eternal black when it comes to owing a pair of classic pumps and peep-toes. Orange and yellow hues; save them up for clothing, bellas!!Classic black leather pumps-patent leather will do, for the  love of angelic animals. Go get them, bellas!! These are the things that add panache to your clothing. Pumps go well with most of the style of dressing except the boho-chic. Do Not Wear Pumps or Peep-toes with Boho Clothing!!Also, check out the size of heels you will buy. For this season, go for heels not more than 2″. Yes, drop those 4″-6″ heels. Let your style scream diva!!the classy diva!!

Loafers and Oxfords


Penny Loafers invented the loafers. This is the history that dates back to the fishermen of Scandanavia who inspired the design and creation of these shoes. Originally made for men, they found their way to the shoe racks of stylish women who wouldn’t mind experimenting. Over decades these have been the most comfortable shoes for busy women and those who binge on comfort more than style. But, the good news here is, they offer, both, comfort and style.

Say yes to Ankle boots!!


Do you have to work through heavy rains, and do not want to miss on the style quotient?!!Boot-up!!some ankle boots here!!Try different style of boots, and be careful with those inches of heels, will ya!!Rain or no rain, this boot variety adds a massive style quotient if you have chosen the right pieces and accessories. Not your-everyday-style-for-work-unless-you-want-to-stand-out. However, this is the kind of style that suits any women, regardless of her body type. Choose the right style with the right clothing, and you are good to go!!

Printed Sandals and Metallic



Talking of variety and panache, and elan, and a want for something offbeat and yet something that is suitable to your style!!Here goes, the printed and metallic colored sandals!! You get them in humongous motifs and metallic hues!!Add some dash to your shoe wardrobe! Get them prints in espadrilles, pumps, ballerinas, or just about any shoe style!




The comfy trusty side kicks!!Literally! Wear them on weekend work days, no questions asked! no dress code rule broken!Your morning walk and jog besties!Choose a color and style from the umpteen designs, or go simpatico! But, these are a must-haves!!

Flipflops and stylish flats


Mary Janes, strappy flip flops, or plain ballerinas!! Available in flats and sandals, these are for your casual summer days that go well with maxi dresses and flared skirts!

So, ladies!!do not forget to dress your shoe wardrobe with these 7 styles of footwear. You Cannot Wear The Same Footwear Style For Different Occasions!!You may like to code and develop software or do tough cookie thingies, you still need these to one up the comfort and style quotient!!




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